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4 Rogers Street
Spring Hill, QLD, 4000

+61 7 3391 2504

Brisbane Dentist - excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience in Spring Hill, Brisbane


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The life and times of our dental practice, up to date news in dentistry and celebrations, happy moments in dentistry. Our blog outlines dentistry life at Brisbane Smile Boutique in Spring Hill in inner city Brisbane

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Leila Haywood

BIOLOGICAL DENTISTRY is the consideration of dental health as the portal to overall health. Dental treatments, materials selection and techniques are considered in terms of the best for overall health.  
Dental diseases have links to chronic degenerative diseases, central nervous system diseases, an active metal load, and heart and blood circulatory issues for a start. 
Amalgam Removal Therapy
Safety protocols  are critical with amalgam fillings because they allow mercury to accumulate in the body when mercury vapour is released. An environment free of toxins, within the body and around us is the future of a healthy life. High speed evacuation is used with the removal of amalgam, and rubber dam and pure oxygen therapy are available on request.
Dental Health Rejuvenation Therapy
The link between gum and bone disease. and heart and circulatory problems has been well established. Advanced gum infections that are untreated, can lead to illnesses.
A natural approach to the treatment of gum infection, involves staying away from pharmaceuticals, and focuses on regularly lifting away the bacteria and toxins that build up around the roots of the teeth so that they can the gums can heal, with professional scaling and cleaning.

Biological dentistry


Durable and safe restoration of teeth with custom printed porcelain, glazed with a glass like finish for precision, and so smooth that It is not porous for a natural resistance to bacterial buildup. Printed porcelain replaces just the area of a tooth that is damaged  in a seamless, durable way with excellent aesthetics. Resin fillings are used for bonding and fillings for very small areas of damage, without the use of BPA and Hema which are known toxins.


We specialise in biological dentistry with

  • Cavitation screening
  • Treatment of gum and jaw bone disease
  • Digital intraoral and extraoral X-Rays
  • Assessment of oral galvanism (electric current flow inside your mouth) 
  • Dental Material Biocompatibility 
biological dentist Brisbane