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Professional Mouthguards

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Professional Mouthguards

Leila Haywood

PROFESSIONAL MOUTHGUARDS are protective devices for contact sports and during training, that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, jaws, lips and gums, that are made by your dentist and a laboratory, from impressions taken by your dentist.

Many children and adults receive dental injuries that may have been prevented by wearing a professionally fitted, custom made mouthguard.

Sporting injuries can include damage or loss of teeth, broken jaws, bone fractures,and cut to the lips and gums, and can be minimised or prevented by absorbing and cushioning the teeth from impact from a knock to the head or neck.

professional mouthguards

Our dentists are able to provide custom made pressure laminated professional mouthguards.


There are 3 types of mouthguards that can be used for contact sports.


these have a pre-formed shape in various sizes with hardly any adjustment to fit in the mouth. They offer very poor protection and can be bought from the pharmacist


These are heat activated plastic materials that have a pre-formed shape in various sizes that can be adapted to fits closer to a player'steeth and gums, by placing the mouthguard in some boiling or hot water to heat it, and then placing it in the mouth, and moulding it.  This is the most popular mouthguard used by amateur and semi-professional sportsmen, providing some protection but less comfort that a custom-made guard


Custom-made mouthguards can made from an impression taken by the dentist, that is send to a laboratory.

  • Vacuum Formed
    • Custom-made mouth guards using a machine that makes  single layer mouth guards
    • Fit is not as good as a pressure laminated mouthguard but offers more protection than boil and bite
  • Pressure Laminated (Professional mouthguard)
    • Custom-made mouth guards using a machine produce multi-layer mouth guards
    • superior fit, comfort and more protection
    • can be adjusted to allow for growing teeth, and braces
    • generally, a new one is required each year for a growing child
    • very important for high contact sports such as boxing, rugby and hockey. Different sports may require different thicknesses, which can be custom made according to the sport.