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4 Rogers Street
Spring Hill, QLD, 4000

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Brisbane Dentist - excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience in Spring Hill, Brisbane

Straighter teeth?

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Straighter teeth?

Leila Haywood

Invisalign effect

If you have ever wanted to consider getting a beautiful smile with straighter, whiter teeth, but have not wanted to go through the process of fixed metal braces then perhaps Invisalign™ may be right for you.

Invisalign™ uses a series of clear plastic aligners which sequentially move the teeth every two weeks, to ultimately create your designer smile.  The dentist will assess that your teeth and gums are in good condition and review how your teeth are aligned and how they bite together.  They will decide from this if you are suitable for Invisalign™ and take some impressions or moulds of your teeth, as well as photographs and x-rays, to design the position that your teeth will finish in when you complete your treatment.

invisalign Brisbane smile.jpg

Invisalign™ aligners are not fixed to your teeth but need to be worn at least twenty-two hours out of the day in order to move the teeth.  You take them out only to eat, brush or floss.  They are virtually invisible and perfectly suited to adults.  Other than some mild initial discomfort and the process of getting to used to wearing aligners on your teeth all day, they are a wonderful solution if you have always wanted to get the smile you desire.  

Dr Amy Daley completed Invisalign training in London.