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Leila Haywood


Tooth decay and sugar dentist brisbane

We all know that sugar contributes to dental decay. Did you know that there are hidden sugars in many foods and you may be unknowingly contributing to cavities in your teeth as well as other health issues? 

Here is a list of top ten foods with hidden sugars that you may want to avoid or limit in order to keep your smile pearly white. Dr Amy Daley has compiled a list of foods that we may think have health benefits, but can cause problems for our teeth.

1. Fruit or flavoured yoghurts. Flavoured yoghurt can have as many as 19 teaspoons of sugar in it! 

2. Packaged pasta sauce. Pasta sauces have been found to have as many as 12 teaspoons per half cup! Combine that with the acidity of tomatoes and this can pack a punch to your enamel. 

sugar and teeth

3. Dried fruit. Dried fruit can be very harmful to the teeth. Not only can it contain 24 teaspoons of sugar per one third of a cup, but it is very sticky and can cling to the grooves and pits in the teeth. If it sits there for long enough this is a perfect place for bacteria to become trapped and decay to start. 

4. Sauces. Think barbeque or tomato sauce to add to your meal? Almost half of the content of packaged sauce can be sugar!

5. Muesli bars. You may want to select something wholesome and choose a muesli bar, but be careful because muesli bars can be full of hidden sugars. Check the sugar content on the nutritional guidelines and remember to brush well shortly after. 

6. Packaged or canned soups. Again think you are choosing something healthy with a vegetable soup? A half a cup serve of tomato soup for example can contain over three teaspoons of sugar.

7. Cereal. You would expect some cereals to be high in sugar by reading the descriptions – “frosted”, or “honey” for example. Yet even the healthier cereals such as muesli or bran flakes can contain 5 teaspoons per recommended serving size. Read the nutritional guidelines before you make your choice. 

sugar and tooth decay dentist brisbane

8. Processed drinks. We know that soft drinks are full of sugar. Energy drinks also. Did you know however that fruit juices and sports drinks can pack a staggering amount of sugar. See the table attached for an idea of just how much sugar is hiding in your drink. 


9. Frozen meals. You would never imagine your frozen dinner of meat or pasta could be hiding sugars but read the box to see just how much sugar has been added to flavour your meal.

Tooth decay and sugar dentist brisbane

10. Peanut butter. This humble spread doesn’t always taste sweet but can be hiding away up to 9% sugars. Read the nutritional guidelines of various brands to choose one that is lower in sugar.