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Brisbane Dentist - excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience in Spring Hill, Brisbane


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The life and times of our dental practice, up to date news in dentistry and celebrations, happy moments in dentistry. Our blog outlines dentistry life at Brisbane Smile Boutique in Spring Hill in inner city Brisbane

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hi february

Leila Haywood

Well this is a sure sign that the year is well and truly underway. Dr Amy and Senior Assistant, Nikita, are heading off for an overseas getaway together with friends and family, and counting down the weeks. It really doesn't seem like too long until Easter now, now that February is coasting by. 

Here at work, we are checking in on all of our patients, and as usual making sure that their smiles are healthy and looking their best. Dr Amy and I had the privilege of caring for 3500 patients last year.

Dr Amy Daley Brisbane Smile Boutique aesthetic dentist


MOUTHGUARD season is almost here, and it is timely to mention that professional mouthguards can prevent tooth fractures, loss of teeth and even fractures of the jaw, due to their superior support and shock absorption. Professional mouthguards are custom made in most colour combinations, and take around a week to make in the laboratory. We can even make them to fit around braces, and relieve areas where adult teeth are coming through to have the mouthguard last for a longer period of time. Just make sure yours doesn't end up in the dryer, in a rubgy short pocket, like my son's seemed to.

All contact sports, where there is any chance of trauma to the teeth or face, are best played with a professional mouthguard. They are comfortable, longer lasting, don't look like chewed up pieces of plastic, fit correctly, and don't fall out. Chemist, one size fits all mouthguards might be cheap at the outset, but sometimes not in the longer run, being that their main function is to 'have a mouthguard'. They seem to be mainly for show, with no functional capacity to protect teeth, being that they don't even cover the teeth and seems to float around in mouths, and come out looking like a chewed up film of plastic.  

One case that really highlighted this was a professional rugby player in his 20's who needed both front teeth removed, a bone and gum graft for a year, and had to wear a denture for all this time. Then two implants were placed, with a new denture for 6 months, and finally I placed two implant crowns. This cost tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and distress for the patient and his family. A professional mouthguard costs around $200. In the long run, they can save injuries to the teeth from impacts that may have dislodged them if not for the correct protection. 


It is timely to discuss how oranges, SPORTS DRINKS, soft drinks and energy drinks when playing sport, do little more than wreak havoc on the teeth, causing catastrophic and irreversible damage in lots of our young patients, especially teenagers, young adults and professional athletes, known as TOOTH EROSION.  If possible, please hydrate with water, because these drinks seem to be laden with sugar in some form, and are acidic, and even those that are sugar free are acidic, which ultimately softens the teeth.  The way we see it strip off the enamel - the hardest substance in the body - has to be seen to be believed. The enamel never grows back, and then it places a young person in a position, where their teeth are forever vulnerable to ongoing damage and sensitivity.

At the moment, I have a gentleman who is having every single tooth restored with ceramic, to build up all the missing tooth structure that has been lost and damaged, which of course takes an immense amount of time, team work, and with computer aided design we can make everything like new, except that it doesn't always last a lifetime. By far, our preference is to have no initial damage to begin with and ongoingly, so diligent home care, a healthy diet and dental checks each 6 months are an important thing to do for a lifetime of healthy teeth.


We look forward to catching up with all our patients and friends and wish everyone the best! Please call our patient co ordinator Sonia, if the time has come to see to your SMILE and it will be our pleasure to assist. Remember that we have a no blame approach. If there's a problem, we fix it. There is no judgement here, our jobs are to help, manage and care for your dental health from the moment we meet you throughout life. We will take every measure we can possibly can to ensure that you are comfortable. 

SUMMER has been going on for what seems forever, so hopefully the weather will calm down in Brisbane sometime soon, but in the meantime, we have powerfully air conditioned rooms, as well as those beautiful views over the Brisbane River. We have yet to have a final date from council regarding the resumption of our dental premises to widen Lytton Road, so hopefully we never hear from them, and can stay here forever! 

With the best of regards

Leila Haywood / dentist / brisbane smile boutique



Thank you!

Leila Haywood

Thank you to my team. Amazing cake by Dr Amy Daley! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜·πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜

April 2016 | dentistry

Leila Haywood

dentist brisbane smiling dental tooth national studio happy smile perfect clinic teeth whitening

Post Easter has been a busy time for us with our smallest patients having their smiles checked and cleaned. Our dentist, Leila Haywood and her senior dental assistant, Holly headed to Sydney for continuing education. Dr Amy Daley is working Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30 am until 3.30 pm. The Easter holidays were relaxing and lovely. It's good to be back.

Look forward to seeing your smile again soon. 

Kind Regards

Leila Haywood

dentist | east Brisbane dentists  



Dental care for teenagers : : Top 10 Dental care tips 😷

Leila Haywood

electric toothbrush Oral B good dentist Brisbane

I've found that dental hygiene in teenagers is a bit hit and miss. We typically see some plaque buildup around their teeth and some inflammation of the gums.  

I have spent a few decades creating two great smiles, and here are some helpful dental tips I have learnt along the way.  

1. An electric toothbrush for a teenager is a really good idea. I am a fan of the Oral B Professional Care 3000 twin pack. Firstly it's cheaper than the top of the line toothbrush, which is the Oral B Black (yes, things go missing) and comes with two complete separate handles, which is especially good for one teenager; one for home use and one for travel. The same toothbrush can be used for siblings, by changing the toothbrush head, along with the colour-coded band. There have been some troubles with this. Firstly they don't seem to care which colour band is on the toothbrush head, and use whichever is on there. Secondly it is usually not convenient for them to be using the same toothbrush handle at a similar time, and thirdly it is hard to gauge when the charge will run out when there are multiple users of the same handle. 

Other reasons that I like this toothbrush are that the two minute timer is very good for children to determine how long they ought to brush, it has an inbuilt pressure sensor, and it is powerful and long lasting; with a plug in and a very portable power pack. 

2. Change the heads of the electric toothbrush each couple of months for teenagers. For manual toothbrushes, always use soft or extra soft toothbrushes, and change them each few months again. Keep the toothbrushes or toothbrush heads from touching anything, or toothbrushes from touching other toothbrushes to prevent contamination. I prefer the Oral B precision clean heads.

floss dental tooth kind refresh smile perfect

3. Always have a box of floss handy next to the toothbrush to inspire flossing. The Teflon coated fibres like Colgate total floss are easy to use, or Oral B Ultrafloss is popular also. Sometimes people prefer different brands. Minty floss can be something teenagers like to use because it gives the feeling of freshness when flossing and afterwards. Anything to motivate good dental care is on the cards. Parts of the teeth are hidden where the toothbrush cannot reach. Half an hour of tooth brushing will not remove the bacterial film that sticks in between the teeth. Only floss or interdental brushes (dentists and hygienists like the Tepe brand) will dislodge food debris and plaque. Some teenagers like flossettes or flossers. The reach access flosser is also good. I have all of them available to encourage good home care. I can't watch them all the time, in fact once they leave home that's kind of it, so by giving them the opportunity to find out what it is that will work for them, I have found is the best way.

4. For braces, have a box of Oral B Superfloss and fine interdental handles available. If your teenager has a permanent bar/retainer on the inside of their teeth, they will usually need Superfloss, which has a nylon thread that can clean the gap between the teeth, underneath the arch wire, or an interdental brush to get in between the teeth, because the positioning of the retainer usually means that the area is difficult to access. There are also Orthodontic Oral B electric toothbrush head attachments that make it easier to clean around the brackets that are attached to the teeth. Extra care is needed with braces because food tends to get stuck around the brackets and wires much more readily. 

5. Have a pre packed travel dental pack set up with all dental cleaning needs; floss, interdental brush, soft manual toothbrush and toothpaste, for sleepovers, camps and holidays. That way they can't say they forgot their toothbrush or forgot to brush  etc

6. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Adult toothpaste is fine. The children tended not to like anything too minty. They liked the 3M Clinpro Tooth Creme in Vanilla mint, and have been using it for years.

7. Mouth rinse is not necessary but thorough tooth brushing twice a day, and flossing once a day at night time is. 

8. Take the children to the dentist and dental hygienist for preventive care each 6 months, or at least once a year, to instill healthy life habits and to monitor dental health. We tend to give them a mark out of 10 for dental health and care which seems to resonate  well with teenagers and lets them know how well they are going. By attending regularly teenagers are less likely to have a dental phobia, which presents in adults regularly, because children are able to see that routine preventive care has allowed them positive dental experiences. They are unlikely to have negative dental experiences with regular checks and cleans and dental preventive care, and associate the dentist as a regular health requirement in their life, rather than a place to be feared. Creating positive relationships with the dentist creates stability in care. Some of our patients now in university first came in Grade 1, and some from high school now attend with their own children. 

9. It's hard but keep an eye on sugar intake of teenagers. Water is best to hydrate. Flavoured milks, Milo, cordial, juices, smoothies, milkshakes, iced teas and coffees, energy drinks, sports drinks, energy supplements, soft drinks and mixers are all loaded with sugar. Lollies, chocolates, biscuits, cake and ice creams shouldn't be eaten every day. Keeping sugary  foods, cereals and drinks to once or twice a day will ensure that the balance in the mouth is optimal to prevent tooth decay. After sport, drink water, not sports drinks. If minerals are needed, eat a banana.

10. Diet is critical. Whole and unprocessed foods, 2 pieces of fruit a day, vegetables, water, less sugary and refined foods and cutting down on junk will make your teenager healthier in so many more ways than just dental. Good habits early on do last a lifetime.