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Excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience, and with their Dental Hygienist, Christine Richards for preventive dentistry and teeth whitening excellence, and a caring and experienced support team


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The life and times of our dental practice, up to date news in dentistry and celebrations, happy moments in dentistry. Our blog outlines dentistry life at Brisbane Smile Boutique in Spring Hill in inner city Brisbane

Porcelain inlays

Leila Haywood


After the decay is removed, the tooth is ready to receive either a direct restoration or an indirect restoration.

A direct restoration means that the tooth can likely be restored in one visit and that there is enough tooth structure for the filling to go inside of the tooth. Examples of direct restorations are amalgam, which is silver-colored; and composite; which is tooth coloured . Amalgams are not placed in our practice.


Composite resins are an approach to repairing broken teeth and cavities caused by tooth decay to look natural, match to the remaining teeth and restore health.  Resin can be a good filling material when there is enough tooth structure to support it, but may wear out after about 5 to 7 years on a back tooth, and is technique sensitive. Our practice uses SonicFill 2 technology to restore the molar and premolar teeth. 



An indirect filling means that the restoration is made outside of your mouth, either by a lab or by a milling machine. An indirect filling also needs to be cemented into place. Examples are crowns, inlays, and onlays. A crown covers the entire tooth, an inlay fits inside the tooth and can replace a wall of the tooth, and an onlay replaces at least one cusp of the tooth.

Most indirect restorations take two appointments to complete. Cast gold can be made and is the most durable indirect restoration material, however porcelain ceramics are primarily requested and recommended because of their excellent aesthetics and durability. 

porcelain inlays


Porcelain is the most natural looking option to restore teeth, and is much stronger than composite resin fillings. It is the strongest way to repair a damaged tooth with high aesthetic demands, and has been used for many years in veneers, inlays, onlays, and crowns. Porcelain restorations require two visits,and once it is completed, it is usually undetectable.


  • Matched to other teeth
  • Resistant to surface wear
  • Long lasting
  • Holds up well against chewing forces


  • Costly due to laboratory and material fees
  • Brittle material may fracture with very heavy forces if not supported correctly 
  • Requires two appointments
porcelain inlays

Tips for healthy gums

Leila Haywood


10. Your gums are made up of the soft tissue that covers the bone in your mouth, holding the teeth in place. The gums or gingiva surrounds the teeth and covers the jaw bone, creating a protective barrier.

9. Healthy gums are pink, and tough and are not painful to temperature, and pressure, and do not bleed. Bleeding and red gums is a sign of trouble. Bleeding when brushing or flossing usually indicates gum disease.

8.  There are two main types of gum disease - gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis or gum disease occurs when bacteria collects along the edges of the gum and causes an inflammation and infection of the gums and bleeding occurs.  This process is reversible once the bacteria have been removed.

Periodontitis (or periodontal disease | jaw bone disease) occurs when the bacteria gets trapped further down under the gums and causes damage and loss of the bone around the teeth. Bleeding, food trapping, gum recession or shrinking, a bad taste in the mouth and bad breath are all signs that gum disease is most likely occurring. 

7. Periodontitis effects 1 in 4 Australian adults. Tooth loss is quite often the end result. 

6. If you were able to lay your gums out flat, they would cover the same surface area as your forearm! If your gums are inflamed and infected, this is actually a large area of your body when you think about it like this.

5. The gums can recede or shrink away if you are too aggressive with your brushing. Protect your gums by using an electric toothbrush, with a pressure sensor feature. If you do use a manual toothbrush, hold the toothbrush so the bristles point at your gumline at a 45 degree angle and brush with a circular motion.

4. Dental plaque is a complex community of bacteria that begins forming again almost immediately after you have cleaned your teeth. The older and more mature plaque gets, the more damaging it becomes- releasing toxins that destroy the bone around the teeth.

3. Careful daily removal of plaque is the best way to prevent gum disease. Brush twice a day preferably Floss the teeth you wish to keep!

2. Gums can flare up during certain times of life- Hormonal fluctuations present particularly during puberty, pregnancy and menopause can lead to an increase in gingivitis. It is very important to see the dentist regularly during these times.

 1. Seeing your dentist and hygienist for preventive care will help prevent gum problems and allow us to identify any changes up before they result in possible irreversible damage.

healthy smiles

What to do if a tooth is knocked out

Leila Haywood


The current guidelines state to

☞ immediately replant the tooth

☞ if it can't be immediately replanted, hold the part of the tooth that could be seen in the smile, not the root, try not to touch the root at all, and put it in some MILK as soon as possible. Call the dentist immediately.

☞ sports team, organisations and schools should have a storage medium, called SOS DENTOBOX, which has a 3 year shelf life, and which improves the chance of successful treatment

☞ if the tooth dries out, after 5 minutes the cells on the root are starting to die, and after 30 minutes there is 50% less of a chance that the tooth is going to be able to survive the trauma

In a younger patient, the chance of the nerve repairing and healing is much higher, but in an adult, there is limited ability to heal and it is likely that the tooth will need to be at least root treated, and this is best attended to by an endodontist ( root canal specialist dentist)


Teeth Grinding solutions

Leila Haywood

Does your jaw click or do you get head aches or a sore cheek, temple or neck, particularly when you wake up in the morning?  It could be that you are clenching or grinding your teeth. 

Clenching or grinding, clinically known as bruxism, is unfortunately very common today with our modern, fast paced lifestyles. In most cases, this can occur while you are asleep and sometimes you may not even be aware of it. You may also notice that you might be clenching your teeth during the day, perhaps whilst concentrating at work or at the computer.

The most commonly found causes of grinding our teeth are linked to various stresses or due to our bite, if our bite is "out" or unsupported. The problems that bruxism may cause include excessive wear of the teeth, inflammation of the muscles that support our jaw, or even problems within our jaw joint (which sits in front of the ear). These can be mild or become quite serious and debilitating. 

Your dentist can take a close look at your teeth and jaw joint and assess whether you are suffering from bruxism and whether they need to do something to treat this. It may be that a night splint, known as an occlusal splint can be worn at the night to protect your teeth and your jaw joint from this potentially irreversible damage.  


brisbane dentist teeth grinding
  • Soreness or tiredness of the face, or tension headaches even extending down the neck.
  • A general pain of the teeth and a general sensitivity to cold.
  • Flattened or wearing teeth. Have a close look in the mirror. Do you see the teeth looking a little rough or thin? Do you see little crack lines in the teeth? Have you had a few teeth breaking? 
  • Has someone told you they hear you grinding your teeth? It's possible to be grinding your teeth without hearing any noise from gnashing of the teeth, but if someone can hear the grinding, it really means that there will be a lot of wear and tear being driven through the teeth.
  • Do the teeth feel a little loose? 
  • Any stiffness or pain within your jaw joint?  
occlusal splint

Dr Amy at the Asia Pacific Invisalign Summit 2018 in Singapore

Leila Haywood

I was lucky enough to recently be invited to be a delegate at the Asia Pacific Invisalign Summit 2018, held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.  Not only was this a chance to learn about all the exciting innovations in technology and techniques that Invisalign has to offer, but a chance to stay at the amazing Marina Bay Sands. 

How could I say no?

Singapore Invisalign Summit


The theme of the Summit was Technology Moves Us, focusing on new advancements in the Smart Track material that Invisalign has designed and implemented, and the broad range of new applications for Invisalign aligners.  “Digitally driven dentistry”.  


In short, Invisalign creates virtually invisible braces.  Your Brisbane Smile Boutique dentist will take some very detailed impressions, or moulds, of your teeth.  From these impressions, a highly sophisticated computer programme, along with your dentist, will design the ideal bite and smile position for your teeth to finish in.  Using this result, the same computer software fabricates a series of braces or “aligners” that you will wear, moving your teeth a small amount each time you change your aligners.  


What I learned from the conference is how many more applications we can now use Invisalign for.  So many more patients may now be great candidates for Invisalign, even teenagers.  If you have ever wanted to change your bite, move that particular tooth, or show off your smile more, contact us today to see if Invisalign may be suitable for you!


PS  I did get some time off while in Singapore and went to visit the gorgeous and super cute panda bears.  They certainly made me smile! 🐼

Singapore panda
Singapore panda bear