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Leila Haywood

This  campaign focuses on the risks of sugary drink consumption and is coordinated by the Cancer Council, the National Heart Foundation, Diabetes Australia, and is supported by the Australian Dental Association.  


The number one cause of tooth decay is frequent consumption of sugary drinks and foods. 


Promotions like McDonald's Frozen Sprite splash range has free refills with one drink delivering around 18 teaspoons (73g) of sugar.

Hungry Jack's $1 deal on large frozen cokes are heavily marketed in advertisements. 

7-Eleven's Mega Slurp Slurpee has an astounding  25 teaspoons (101 g) of sugar.  

What sugary drinks do to your body!  

⭐️ sugar and acid levels in sugary drinks and  diet drinks can cause tooth decay. 

⭐️ higher sugar intake increases your risk of non alcoholic fatty liver disease

⭐️ less than one can of sugary drink a day increases your risk of type 2 diabetes by 22% 

⭐️ sugary drinks can reduce bone density which may lead to osteoporosis  

⭐️ being overweight puts you at greater risk of heart disease, kidney disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers  

⭐️ one can of sugary drink a day can lead to a 6.5kg weight gain within a year 

⭐️ rapid blood sugar spikes after sugary drinks increases hunger and can contribute to overeating

ADA bulletin March 2015