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mouth ulcers

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mouth ulcers

Leila Haywood

Mouth ulcers occur when the lining on the gum is destroyed leaving an inflamed area. It is not a disease in itself and can have many causes. Most are caused by local trauma, and heal within 3 weeks, but some occur because of a disease in the body. It can be a sign of problems elsewhere in the body if the ulcer persists beyond 3 weeks, is single and persistent,and is not healing, or re-occurs. Other times some medication or some ingredient in a supplement may be causing the gum to be susceptible to creating a break.

mouth ulcer

By analysing a family history, lifestyle issues, pets, occupation, travel, medical, eating, medicines, stomach problems, eye and skin issues, and respiratory problems. dentists are able to try to eliminate various issues that may have caused an ulcer. As with any sore on the body, the cause of ulcers should be investigated. There are some illnesses that necessitate immediate treatment, so please visit your dentist or see your doctor if there is an unhealed mouth ulcer anywhere. More specifically dental professionals are very concerned with any whitish area in the mouth or around an unhealed ulcer- so a referral for further investigation may be warranted. 

The best way to soothe a mouth ulcer is to use warm salt water rinses - a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of salt and swish it around in your mouth.