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a healthy baby

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a healthy baby

Leila Haywood

1. Breastfeed exclusively for 6 months where possible -> get support if necessary. Eat a balanced diet 

2. Introduce solids from 6 months of age- whole grains, dairy vegetables and fruit. Peanuts and eggs can be introduced. Apparently not giving baby honey, raw eggs, meat, or added sugar or salt before at least the age of 1 is recommended. It is best to give your baby nothing that is processed, and nothing out of a can. Good food made from scratch and home made is the best start for many. No juice, no sugary treats is best. 

3. Tummy time is crucial to develop strength for up to 15 minutes at a time.  

4. Eye contact and cuddles are obviously going to stimulate their brains and helps them to communicate and feel secure.  

baby teeth

5. Brush your baby's teeth from the moment they are seen in the mouth, usually at 6 months of age, however some babies are born with them.  The lower teeth will come through firstly. Do not use toothpaste. Brush them twice a day especially before night time sleeping. Don't worry if your baby does not get teeth until almost the age of 1. It is still fine to breastfeed when your baby's teeth come through. No added sugar to anything, no sugary foods, definitely nothing but milk and water is good for your baby. 

6. On the go snacks like a banana, avocado and cheese are great for your baby. Porridge for breakfast is perfect also. Mashed veges for dinner are perfect. 

7. Try to give your baby lots of options and a balanced diet from the 5 food groups. 

  • vegetables.
  • fruit.
  • grain foods – porridge , rice, corn and so on.
  • dairy – milk, cheese, plain yoghurt and so on.
  • protein – eggs, beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, tofu and so on.