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What do I do if I have severe pain on a weekend or holiday, and can not locate a dentist quickly?

What do I do if I have severe pain on a weekend or over a recognised holiday, and can not locate a dentist quickly?

In the very short term, sometimes antibiotics prescribed by a doctor may help to settle the pain.  Normally pain that is severe is due to a dental abscess.  The swelling or pain will return at some point, until the offending tooth is dealt with, where it is normally either root treated, or removed. So the short answer is to go to your doctor if a dentist is unavailable, and see your dentist ASAP. Maybe toothache drops from the chemist could help until you get there. Over the counter anti-inflammatories, like Nurofen, sometimes settle the pain.  However, consultation is required with the pharmacist to ensure that it will not adversely react with current medications and known ailments or medications.  It is very unhealthy to allow a tooth to fester and some people do end up with facial swelling and with other medical complications as a result. There are incidences of people ending up in the intensive care ward, with dental infections, so it is important to see your dentist asap.