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Brisbane Dentist - excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience in Spring Hill, Brisbane

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My gums are shrinking (receding) away from my teeth

My gums are shrinking (receding) away from my teeth

The first thing to think about is your home care.  A hard toothbrush or over vigorous brushing can lead to the enamel along the gumline being worn away.  This can make the teeth sensitive because the softer, yellowy part of the teeth, the dentine, might have become exposed. We all have gum types that can be said to be somewhere between thick and thin, and those with thin gum types are more prone to recession of the gums.  The gum cannot be grown back effectively.  However, with modern bonding the worn areas of teeth can sometimes be rebuilt.  Sometimes the recession is due to bone disease from around the roots of the teeth, which actually can cause the teeth to become loose, to the point where they are painful and need to be removed.