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I have sensitivity in all of my teeth?

I have sensitivity in all of my teeth?

Firstly, it is important to rule out sinus problems, which can be caused by hayfever, flu or colds.  There might be cracks through the teeth, some failing dental work, receded gums or worn areas of teeth.  Other possibilities are that the gums are infected and harbouring bacterial colonies around the roots of the teeth, or that there are some cavities present.  We are seeing a lot of erosion from sport and soft drinks, where the enamel has dissolved away from the tooth, and exposed the vulnerable and soft inside part of the teeth, the dentine, which can make the teeth very sensitive because it has the nerve endings in it. Some people grind at night time, or clench their teeth which can make the teeth sensitive.  Sometimes the bite is not right.

Firstly see your dentist to find out what is going on exactly.  Sometimes all that is required is professional scaling and cleaning of the teeth, and a sensitive toothpaste, and in other cases teeth need to be totally rebuilt, or as you can imagine sometimes teeth get so badly damaged that they can not be fixed. X-rays may be of benefit to focus on the sections of the teeth that can not be seen by looking at them directly, and for assessing how much bone is holding them in the jaws.