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4 Rogers Street
Spring Hill, QLD, 4000

+61 7 3391 2504

Brisbane Dentist - excellence in general and aesthetic dentistry with Drs Amy Daley, Leila Haywood, UQ graduates with 20 years of experience in Spring Hill, Brisbane

Smile Design at Brisbane Smile Boutique Dentists

Smile design is used in dentistry in a new technological era, allowing for  the creation and design of an ideal smile using computer guided alignment,  with careful observation by the dentist at Brisbane Smile Boutique Dentists in Spring Hill.


Dentistry has entered a new technological era, with digital smile design, which allows the creation and design of an ideal smile with digital software. Careful observation and traditional assessment by the dentist remains the key to replicating nature, and working within artistic parameters. Understanding the elements of aesthetics involves assessing facial balance, symmetry; and tooth shape, proportions, appearance, and colour, so that anticipated results can be communicated,  with the assistance of computer design software, to patients, as well as ceramists.

If you wish, please send a photo of your best smile to, and fill out the analysis form, outlining any issues with your smile. Please keep in mind that we can only see so much from a photo, and careful examination of all of the teeth is crucial, to ensure long lasting dental care, without further problems. 

It would be our pleasure to assist with any dental issues, and feel welcome to call our patient co-ordinator, Sonia, on 07 3391 2504 should you have any further queries. 


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