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Do I have to have my wisdom teeth out?

Do I have to have my wisdom teeth out?

The short answer is that it depends on the person.  Some people just have no space for them to come through, or the teeth are at the wrong angle, which can damage other teeth, cause pain or put pressure on other teeth.  In other patients, the wisdom teeth are at the perfect angle, they can clean them well, and they are perfectly fine.  If the teeth are going stay jammed in the bone or pushed up against the teeth next door (impacted), they can be a source of infection for some people.  For other people, the teeth are at the right angle, but they are difficult to keep clean, and they break down because of decay.  Research advises that wisdom teeth be seen to before the age of 25, because of issues with the bone density of the jaws, if they are going to be removed. It would be best to see the dentist for advice.  An OPG x-ray (full jaw x-ray) will allow the dentist to find out what angle the teeth are at, whether there is room for them, whether there is any infection in the bone around them, and where they are situated in relation to vital structures, like the nerves and sinus.  Sometimes they can be removed in the chair with your dentist, and other times, patients need to see the oral surgeon and have their care under general anaesthetic.